Master Plan Neighborhood Meeting Schedule


Carbondale, CO

The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District Master Plan process has been launched by the Board of Directors.

One of the primary tasks of the Master Plan is to seek input from the public. The consultant team has scheduled 13 neighborhood meetings to gather information from the residents of the District. The consultants, Mark Chain and Leslie Lamont, will facilitate the meetings.

Please attend one of these important meetings to help set the course of future decision making for this essential public service. The meetings are scheduled from 7 pm – 9 pm.

If your neighborhood isn’t listed or you cannot attend the meeting in your area, please attend a different neighborhood meeting.

Date Neighborhood Location
April 7 Marble Marble Fire Station
April 9 Redstone/Crystal Church at  Redstone
April 13 Carbondale Third Street Center
April 15 Carbondale Third Street Center
April 21 Carbondale Third Street Center
April 28 Missouri Heights Missouri Heights Fire Station (6986 County Road 100, Carbondale)
April 29 Missouri Heights (CMC/turnoff/Elk Springs) West End Fire Station (5449 County Road 154, Glenwood  – the entrance to H Lazy F trailer park)
May 4 Aspen Glen/109 Rd Aspen Glen
May 11 For Fire Department Members Carbondale Fire Station
May 18 100 Road/Ranch at Roaring Fork/Blue Creek/Preshana Farms TBA
May 19 Ranchers/large land owners Carbondale Fire Station

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