• Prevent Chimney Fires (Información Seguida En Español)


    Before you sit in front of the fireplace for the first time this season, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends having your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional every year before lighting the first fire to be as safe…

  • 9-1-1 Emergency Preparedness (Información Seguida En Español)


    (Información Seguida En Español)

    The History of the 9-1-1 System

    The first 9-1-1 call in the United States was made in 1968 in Alabama. In October 1999, the Wireless Communications and Public Safety Act required the setup of enhanced 9-1-1 and mandated that 9-1-1 serve as the emergency number for…

  • Thanksgiving Safety Tips


    Did you know that Thanksgiving Day is one of the year’s biggest days for fires? For a day that is traditionally spent in the kitchen cooking up food for family and friends, trying out new recipes and equipment it’s beneficial to understand the risks and how to be as safe…

  • Halloween Safety Tips


    It’s that time of year again – Halloween! While you’re in the midst of decorating your home, buying bulk candy to hand out, and getting those costumes together don’t forget to keep your safety (and the safety of your loved ones) in mind this spooky season. We’ve compiled a list…

  • Wildfire Evacuation Preparation


    Last month we wrote about the ways you can practice vigilance to help prevent wildfires. As wildfire season progresses, and the chance of evacuations increases, we’d like to talk about how to be prepared for the event of a wildfire. Remember, a wildfire can start anytime or anywhere. One of…

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors


    Have you ever wondered what an Incident Management Team (IMT) is and what exactly they do? Did you know that the Carbondale Fire District has their own IMT that helped firsthand in the COVID-19 crisis in the Roaring Fork Valley? We’re taking the time this month to answer these questions…

  • Unofficial Election Results



    PRESS RELEASE                                                          

    For Immediate Release – Election Results

    Jenny Cutright, Public Information Officer


    May 5,…



    Debido a la pandemica de COVID-19, estamos pidiendo los votantes que envien por correo su boleta o la dejen en la caja afuera del Ayuntamiento de Carbondale. Por favor de no dejar boletas en la Estacion de Bomberos en Carbondale.

    Si necesita una boleta de reemplazo, contacte a Jenny Cutright…

  • How to Return Your Ballot


    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are requesting that voters either mail their ballot back or drop it off in the ballot drop-off box outside of Carbondale Town Hall. Please do not drop ballots off at any Carbondale Fire station.

    If you need a replacement ballot, please contact Jenny Cutright…

  • Inspiration to Stay Home


    It may feel like our world has turned upside down overnight, and honestly, for most of us, it has. We are suddenly out of work, our kids are home from school/day care, and now we have to adapt to a Stay at Home Order. Many of us are wondering where…