• Do Your New Year's Resolutions Include Fire Safety?

    While the winter months are upon us, it may seem like wildfire is the last thing on most of our minds. But the truth is, in some areas of our state, wildfires continue to be a threat. It’s never too soon to start preparing your property for the upcoming wildfire season.
  • Never Leave Children, Disabled Adults or Pets in a Parked Vehicle

    It is getting hotter and hotter. Today may be the hottest day (so far) of 2016. We want to help you keep others safe and prevent a tragedy. An average of 37 children per year and untold numbers of pets left in parked vehicles die from heat stroke (hyperthermia). Studies have shown that the temperature inside a parked vehicle can rapidly rise to a dangerous level for children, pets and even adults. Leaving the windows slightly open does not significantly decrease the heating rate.
  • Are You Flood Smart?

    Our rivers are running high.... are you flood smart? Great info from the Pitkin County Emergency Management Team (we're part of it). Check it out!