Fire safety is crucially important, not only to protect individuals in their homes and businesses, but also to protect our forests. In Carbondale, we are acutely aware of the dangers of wildfire. The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District works closely with the other nearby fire departments and the Forest Service to reduce incidents of wildfire in our area. As a community, we are committed to preventing it through education, prescribed burns and other hazard reduction efforts, and vigilant monitoring of vulnerable areas during high-risk seasons. 

Additionally, it is important that our residents are safe in their homes and places of work. We not only respond to active incidents of fire, but also carbon monoxide alarms. Carbondale Fire is committed to educating our citizens about the importance of minimizing fire risks through the use of alarms, identifying and removing potential hazards, and various outreach efforts. 

We also work closely with ranchers and land-owners who seasonally burn ditches, educating them on best practices to ensure the burn does not spread uncontrollably, and responding to incidents if they do. 

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