It is the vision of Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District to build a premier all-hazards, all risk emergency services organization by developing and maintaining strategic community partnerships, hiring and training exceptional staff and volunteer members, developing efficiencies in service provision to ensure fiscal sustainability for the entire organization while maintaining our core infrastructure and continuing our “people first” cultural philosophy.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Strategic Initiative #1: Provide service that meets or exceeds the communities’ expectations as CRFPD’s contribution towards public safety’s overall mission of keeping communities safe.

  • Strategic Initiative #2: Develop and maintain partnerships within the community as a means to educate the public on how to keep their communities safe and receive feedback on the service provided by CRFPD.

  • Strategic Initiative #3: Ensure CRFPD is a fiscally sound organization.

  • Strategic Initiative #4: Recruit and maintain well trained and educated employees and volunteers who are dedicated to providing service to the CRFPD Communities.

  • Strategic Initiative #5: Facilities, apparatus and equipment will be maintained and replaced with respect to the efficiencies and limits of available resource allocations.

Organizational Values

We value the honor of being a part of an organization and profession that is trusted by the community.

We value the integrity and honesty of our members and what upholding these values means to our customers and other members.

We value leadership, teamwork, innovation, respect and tolerance in our organization.

We value cooperation and region-wide planning with neighboring responder agencies so that great service and a high standard of care are never hampered by territorialism or parochialism.

We value the social good in what we do as an organization and as individuals.

Organizational Outcomes

We are cautiously yet confidently moving forward, adjusting to new norms while shaping a new future and future possibilities. Our foundation is financial sustainability—living within our means while having a simultaneous, proactive approach in shaping new realities. We must be very firm and clear in an uncertain world that there is a certain future, one that we design. We are not ‘surviving,’ nor hunkering down, nor waiting to see what the future brings. We are neither wishing nor hoping for something good to occur—we are making it happen.